Progress Re​-​Release

by Call Me A Dreamer

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After the departure of our vocalist David, we decided it was in our best interest to re-record 'Progress' to reflect how our music would sound without him and with the four of us doing vocals. Enjoy!


released November 8, 2012

All songs written by Call Me A Dreamer
Lyrics and Vocals on 'Day In//Day Out' by Carl Smith
Recorded and Mixed by Nick Noel



all rights reserved


Call Me A Dreamer Baltimore, Maryland

We are four guys from Maryland writing music we find conviction in.

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Track Name: Introductions
So let's start with goodbye because I've never been one for Introductions/and if I've offended anyone tonight, I meant every word I said when I said "Goodbye".
Track Name: Gillian
You live your life by a broken promise and every word you said was a lie/It's not like I hate you but you couldn't be yourself if you tried/I won't be there when you realize that you're the one the pushed me away/I don't know where it went wrong, I just wish it ended better/because you called me every name in the book and all I wanted was for you to be happy/I always thought it's better off/I'm sorry/You left me without any answers to the questions that I asked/I wanna fucking believe this is over but it's all on you/
Track Name: Wasted
You're fucking disgusting/You make me sick/A human waste/You pass out so quick/You're hurting the people the love you the most/Keep this shit up and you'll end up a ghost/You keep fucking up and you'll get fucked up/You only got one life to live/One life to live don't fuck this up/You got one fucking life/One fucking life
Track Name: Nations
Well growing up seems scary and I wonder how I'll make it sometimes when it seems like everything is crashing down around me/And I don't know where home is/ I'm always stuck between this rock and a hard place when all I want is just to fit in someday/All I want is solace/Some piece of fucking mind is all I crave/But I got my friends and they seem more and more like family each day/And I know one day I'm gonna get it right/And I won't let you down/And I don't know where home is/I'm always stuck between this rock and a hard place when all I want is just to fucking fit in/
Track Name: Day In//Day Out
Have you been listening? I've been starving myself for weeks; I've been slowly killing myself. Maybe you will notice. Maybe you will notice, notice when I'm gone. I'm counting the days; counting to the very second I'm gone. I hope someday you'll look and see I'm not the man you wanted me to be. I hope someday you will, I hope someday you will accept me. I'm just trying to make my father proud of me. I hope someday you'll look and see, I'm not the man you wanted me to be. I've been starving myself for weeks.